My top ten films of 2016


Welcome back, folks! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break. Now is the time to look back over the year in film releases and pick my favourites. These are restricted to films released in the U.K. in 2016 – so it may include films I actually saw in late 2015 and although I desperately wanted to put La La Land, Hacksaw Ridge, Lion and Free Fire on this list, they aren’t out until 2017, so unfortunately they don’t make the cut.

Here is my rundown from ten to one, with links to my reviews, that I recommend you check out:

10. Midnight Special

This was a really unique and exciting sci-fi about a boy with special abilities. It was mysterious, intriguing as hell and with a top cast including Joel Edgerton, Adam Driver, Michael Shannon and Kirsten Dunst.

9. Swiss Army Man

I would never have expected the ‘Daniel Radcliffe is a farting corpse‘ movie to make my top ten but I enjoyed it so much more than I predicted. Once you get through the weirdness of the situation and the farting, it is actually really sweet, life-affirming, bizarre and hilarious. Don’t let the synopsis put you off!

8. Hell or High Water

Again, this was a surprise. I wasn’t even that fussed about seeing it but everything about it worked and it got better and better as it went on. Chris Pine was the best I have ever seen him (and in a very different role), Ben Foster was at his demented best and Jeff Bridges was damn funny in this western-style heist film about two brothers who rob banks.

7. Green Room 

It is a rarity for me to enjoy a horror movie so much that it reaches my top ten but Green Room was genius. It was gruesome and scary yet absolutely hilarious at the same time. I laughed out loud so much and I would happily watch it again. The late Anton Yelchin (sob), Imogen Poots and Alia Sawkat are trapped in the green room of a neo-Nazi bar as they have witnessed a crime and aren’t allowed to leave. Patrick Stewart is terrifying as the villain.

6. The Jungle Book

I’m very sceptical about these Disney reboots but The Jungle Book was AMAZING. It looked absolutely glorious, with the best and most convincing animal CGI I have ever seen, Neel Sethi was a fantastic Mowgli and the voice cast, which included Idris Elba, Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray, were impressive.

5. Captain Fantastic

This film is simply heartwarming and I’m glad Viggo Mortensen is getting awards recognition for his role in such a small-budget movie. It just shows the power of the movie and how well received it was. He plays the father of six children he has raised in the wilderness. They are all forced to reintegrate into society with both uplifting and sad effects.

4. Spotlight

I love a journalism movie and this didn’t win the Best Picture Oscar in February for nothing. It is SO GOOD. Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Michael Keaton play journalists investigating the systematic child abuse around the Boston area by Roman Catholic priests. This is fascinating, shocking and will stay with you for some time.

3. Captain America: Civil War

Everyone seems to be raving about Deadpool in their end of year lists but I personally didn’t love it. It may be uncool to put a Marvel movie so high up but I enjoyed it so much I could have fist-pumped the air when it finished. I was so happy with it. There were so many characters, storylines and moving parts it could have easily gone wrong (see Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad) but they nailed it.

2. Room 

I saw this back in October 2015 so I have seen a lot of films between then and now but it still deserves to be this high on my list. Brie Larson deserved her Oscar win for her role as a women who has been held captive for years, during which time she had a baby son named Jack. Jacob Tremblay should have got more awards attention too – he is the most adorable thing ever.

1. Bridget Jones’s Baby 

Picking a rom-com is probably not the done thing but I was SO happy with this instalment. There was such a big gap between films in this franchise I feared this addition would be a crappy cash-cow that hadn’t been thought through but it is a worthy instalment that pleased Bridget Jones fans across the board and I enjoyed it so much I actually cried. I want to see it again.


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