Camila Cabello shouldn’t have left Fifth Harmony so soon

Photo credit: Billboard. Taken from: Fifth Harmony Twitter

Photo credit: Billboard. Taken from: Fifth Harmony Twitter

Camila Cabello‘s departure from Fifth Harmony wasn’t surprising to anyone. Their friendship looked frosty as hell, they had been dogged with split rumours and she had already been doing some solo stuff. But if she thinks leaving the band is going to be her Beyonce/Zayn Malik/Geri Halliwell/Robbie Williams moment then she will be mistaken. The girl group is not big enough yet and I imagine she will regret leaving so soon.

Here’s a quick recap: The girls performed for the last time as a five in Miami on Sunday and shortly afterwards the remaining four  – Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke Hernandez, Dinah Jane Hansen and Normani Kordeiannounced she had notified them of her departure “via her representatives” and Camila hit back at their statement, saying it didn’t go down that way, that they had been having conversations about her going solo for some time, and they responded with ANOTHER open letter explaining she had refused to take part in group talks and her manager had told them she was leaving on 18 December back in November.

All caught up? It’s all very messy (and you should read the tweets I’ve linked to because they are fascinating) which is a shame, but apparently there has been infighting for a long time because Camila had wanted to leave for ages but couldn’t do so until now due to contracts. My friend who is a fan reckons the remaining four will be happier and better off without her cos there was a lot of tension.

I just feel like she’s making a huge mistake. The group may have been together for 4-5 years but they only really became known last year and more globally recognised this year with hits like Work From Home and That’s My Girl. A lot of the general public still have no idea who they are and even less of a clue about their individual names. They have had a great year and are still continuing to rise, so it seems hasty to leave before they are fully established. She would have been in a better position for solo success if she stayed for even one more album.

Camila has had two solo singles but they have both been collabs and neither have charted particularly well and she is best known for her love life and being in Taylor Swift’s squad. I get the impression she thinks she’s bigger than the group when she’s not and she’s certainly not big enough as herself to launch a proper solo career, unless she has some amazing songwriters on her team. I hope the girls continue to be successful without her.


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