Passengers: Film Review


I was so excited for Passengers- it’s a sci-fi, the trailers looked amazing and I love both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, but sadly, despite how much I desperately wanted it to be good, it wasn’t and that’s such a shame and such a waste of top talent.

Pratt plays Jim, a passenger on the starship Avalon, who is woken up from his sleep 90 years before he was supposed to reach his destination, colony planet Homestead II. After a year alone with no company except android Arthur (Michael Sheen), he makes the decision to wake up a companion – writer Aurora (Lawrence). Their romance aside, more and more of the ship’s systems malfunction so they must save it and the other 200+ passengers.

The premise for this is so damn good and I loved the moral dilemma – do you spend the rest of your life alone or wake someone up, effectively sentencing them to death? I loved the beginning, Pratt discovering his situation, trying to go back to sleep, discovering all the cool areas on the ship and his growing infatuation with Aurora. So far, so great (if a little creepy). When they first meet, it was great, I enjoyed their friendship and romance blossoming (although again, still a bit creepy) but then it started to get soppy, sentimental and I wondered when their existence would all go to shit. It does that all right – the film itself does too.

I think the intention was for this to be some heartbreaking drama with tearjerking decisions but they never established a believable relationship, so you don’t really care what happens to them later on. There isn’t much in the action/thriller portion but what does happen is ridiculously laughable. I really don’t want to spoil it but everything is wrapped up too nicely and romantically when that made no logical sense. The ending is CRINGE.

Lawrence overacted like crazy and she never convinced me when she was declaring her feelings for Pratt but that’s as much her fault as the clunky and overly sentimental script, which features some serious clangers which sounded false on their lips. Pratt was fine in the attractive male role but didn’t add much depth beyond some guilt for, you know, essentially killing somebody.

I’m gutted about this because I really wanted to like it and there is a great premise and some awesome ideas – some initial humour, the CGI, elements of the ship (Arthur being a personal favourite). It is not awful by any means but it seriously squandered its potential. It was nothing like what the trailer made it out to be and I feel robbed!

In cinemas Wednesday 21st December 

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