Golden Globes nominations 2017: The comedy/musical section is obsolete


The Golden Globe nominations came out today and you can read the full list here. The reason the Golden Globes annoy me is because they divide all the acting categories between drama and musical/comedy and frankly, there hasn’t been enough awards-worthy roles in the latter so it’s been filled with some questionable entries. Surely it’s time to just combine all the movie acting categories?

The Oscars have just ‘best lead actress’ etc so the competition is higher whereas the Golden Globes has double the amount of nomination space as they do ‘best lead actress – drama’ AND ‘best lead actress – musical/comedy’. There has honestly not been enough awards-worthy performances to fill these ten slots so it seems this year they are just handing them out to anybody who appeared in a comedy – i.e. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (above).

I like Ryan Reynolds and he did a fine job as Deadpool – but does he deserve a Golden Globe nomination? Absolutely not. That is the type of film that is recognised at the MTV Movie Awards etc NOT the supposedly prestigious Globes. I’m not trying to be snooty or anything, but it is.


First off, I want to point out that I am happy with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling being nominated for La La Land OBVIOUSLY. I truly believe she would have made it even if the categories were combined. Annette Bening has been receiving buzz for 20th Century Women so fair enough, I haven’t yet seen Rules Don’t Apply so can’t really comment on Lily Collins, Meryl Streep would receive a nomination for literally anything, and while I loved Hailee Steinfeld’s performance in The Edge of Seventeen, I never thought it screamed awards recognition.

It is mainly the male counterpart I have issue with. Colin Farrell for The Lobster? Get out of here. Jonah Hill for War Dogs? Are you kidding me? And obviously I’ve already ranted about Reynolds. The only two I’m like ‘fair enough’ is Gosling for La La Land and Hugh Grant for Florence Foster Jenkins (which wouldn’t have got a look in if it wasn’t a comedy tbh).

The rest of the nominations I’m fine with because they were predictable as hell but there are some deserving performances on there. I smiled the most when Andrew Garfield was read out for best actor and Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Nocturnal Animals. They weren’t odds-on favourites so I’m happy they are in.

The ceremony takes place on 8th January.

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