Does Fifty Shades Darker song mark an image change for Taylor Swift?


Today Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik blew our minds by dropping a surprise duet I Don’t Wanna Live Forever. So far, so unexpected. What shocked me further was that it’s for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack! WHAAAAAT?! WTF?! This makes no sense to me in terms of Taylor’s ‘brand’ so I believe it that it can only mean one thing – she is overhauling her image.

The biggest reason the duet is so surprising is because Taylor and Zayn are totally different types – she is like this clean-cut, wholesome pop princess whereas he is kinda moody, angst-y, against-the-mainstream and openly smokes weed etc. Very contrasting images. Also, Taylor doesn’t need his help – she is huge. However, she must have known what a big attention-grabbing story this would be and what a way to kick off her first batch of new music with a surprise duet with her ex Harry Styles’ former bandmate!!!

I didn’t think Zayn would go for a Taylor duet but he is certainly in need of a boost. His singles since Pillowtalk haven’t done great and he’s better known for his love life and appearance. He is dating Taylor’s good pal Gigi Hadid which is clearly how this collab came about.

The second surprise: Fifty Shades Darker. This isn’t the movie you would expect Taylor to soundtrack. Zayn, sure, he’s written some pretty sexy stuff already. Again, it is not her brand. It is sexual and kinky AF and also Fifty Shades of Grey was absolutely panned by critics, which is why I’m so perplexed by this project. This leads me to one conclusion – she is signalling change. I’m predicting this is a sign of things to come and she will have a sexier edge. I doubt it’s going to be as OTT as Britney Spears Slave 4 U/Christina Aguilera Dirrty but it will be more grown-up and bold.

I haven’t heard the full track yet because I don’t have Apple Music and I don’t intend to buy it but from various online clips I know I like it. I love the chorus, the music and they actually sound great together (although she sounds different – breathy, sexy and sultry). It’s got chart smasher written all over it.

You can hear a bit here:

Did you like the song? What do you think this means for Taylor’s image?



  1. […] This one is pure hope but considering she finished touring at the start of last year and hasn’t don’t much music-wise since (personal life is an entirely different matter), there MUST be stuff coming. There have been reports she’s been in the studio writing the follow-up to 1989 (which I loved) and her collaboration with Zayn Malik I Don’t Wanna Live Forever feels like the start of a new, possibly sexier phase. […]


  2. […] duet I Don’t Want To Live Forever in December, I said this had marked a change for her and predicted this would be the start of a sexier phase – and judging by the video, I was […]


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