Westworld season finale: My thoughts



So the Westworld finale took place last night and I was so keen to avoid spoilers that I actually got up before work to watch all 90 minutes of it. I’m glad I did but there weren’t as many shockers to avoid as I expected – cos we had seen most of the revelations coming for a while.

You can read a full episode recap here but essentially all you need to know is the big things. 1: Williams IS the Man in Black. 2. Dolores is Wyatt. 3. Maeve’s escape was programmed into her. 3. Dolores killed Arnold. 4. Ford had programmed the hosts to rise up before he was ousted. That is a lot to take in but nothing was particularly shocking.

For example, William (Jimmi Simpson) and the Man in Black (Ed Harris) being the same person has been floating around as a fan theory for some time and there have been many clues. I wish I hadn’t stumbled across the theory so early on because I have no idea if I would have picked up on the hints or if I would have been shocked by the reveal. I try to avoid fan theories but this was an accident so yeah, I’ve known about that for some time. Kudos to whoever noticed it so early.

It had been hinted that Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) killed Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) so I was satisfied, not surprised, with my theory being correct. Her being Wyatt was pretty obvious from halfway through the finale but it wasn’t made explicitly clear until the very end when she blew Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) brains out as he gave a speech opening his last ever narrative ahead of his forced retirement. I knew he would have another trick up his sleeve so I’m glad he went out with a bang – leaving the remaining guests with a host uprising on their hands.

Just because they weren’t shocking revelations doesn’t mean they weren’t deeply pleasing. Knowing I had guessed correctly and had been paying proper attention felt good, especially considering I was struggling at the beginning. The shots of Dolores killing Arnold, and in turn Ford, were great to watch and I love that she is going to become this kick-ass robot.

Is she actually conscious though? I don’t believe it proves that. Did she kill Arnold herself or was she programmed to? The same music was playing in both killings. I feel like Ford orchestrated everything and she isn’t doing things for herself. Also with Maeve (Thandie Newton), he clearly was behind her escape plan – so does that mean she’s not fully conscious? She’s just more aware of what’s going on. I’m not convinced either of them have fully reached the centre of the Maze – become actually alive and sentient.

I like that it tied everything up. I thought we were going to be left with a ton of unanswered questions, especially now we know there’s a second season. I’m not really sure where it can go from here and I think I would have preferred it as a one-off series cos I don’t see how hosts going crazy will sustain a full show. I will watch it regardless, obviously.

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