OMG! Westworld has hit us with a shocking game changer


I haven’t written about Westworld before because I have been quite ambivalent about it. It looks beautiful, the acting is great and I felt assured that the story would have a good pay off but I felt confused and frustrated that no story seemed to be taking shape, or doing so too slowly. Things stepped up a gear at the end of last week and this week’s episode 7 is the game changer I definitely needed.

You can read a more detailed version of the plot here but the big shocker was that Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) isn’t actually a human worker in the diagnostics department, he is actually a host used by Ford (Anthony Hopkins) to do his bidding without realising. Bernard leads Theresa (Sidise Babett Knudsen) to a secret underground lab where Ford tells her she will never take the park away from him and gets Bernard, who was having an affair with her, to kill her. OMG!

For the longest time, I struggled to connect with Westworld because although it looked fantastic, was set in this amazing world and featured some of my favourite actors (James Marsden, Thandie Newton) there were too many separate storylines that I was struggling to keep up with week on week. Nothing made sense so it was hard to pay attention and retain all the information. I kept saying, ‘when something big is revealed, I’m not going to remember all the bits leading up to it’. That’s what has happened now. I have read posts that have explained it to me – the ‘Bernard as a host’ was a huge fan theory – but I didn’t see it coming at all. Most likely because I was so overwhelmed with information and unanswered questions that didn’t seem to go anywhere and.

I have been paying more attention since last week with Maeve (Newton) learning about her existence (and being a general badass) and Elsie’s (Shannon Woodward) discoveries about Theresa and Arnold, but now I’m fully on the Westworld hype thanks to that game changer, that many predicted but I was completely unaware of. I’m actually glad I don’t read fan theories as they would have ruined the impact of the reveal.

Basically, what we thought we knew about the park (and everything in it) could be a lie because Bernard has been manipulated the entire time and is programmed to not see everything. We have been warming to him the most and learning about the park through his explanations but he’s seen as unreliable so what does this all mean?! I have no idea, but clearly Ford is much more powerful than he was initially portrayed as and far more aware of what was going on, I’m assuming Bernard’s affair with Theresa was all part of the plan and all the old malfunctioning hosts were made at the secret lab. Is Bernard actually Arnold?!

I must also praise Wright for his acting. He didn’t seem like a host this entire time yet he started getting weird tics that gave him away as soon as it was revealed and he carried out the killing of Theresa like a mindless soldier, the complete opposite to his usual disposition. He also seemed to be completely unaware and disturbed by his true identity, like he always thought he was human, but I suppose that’s how the hosts usually think.

I cannot wait to see where this leads us. There are so many implications from this and I’m keen to know all about Arnold, Ford and what happened to Elsie. I’m also psyched about Maeve’s escape plotline (it’s gonna be epic) and I’m itching to see where Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood)’s arc goes. It’s been a slow, confusing burn but I’m glad I stuck with it. I’m finally invested in where it goes.


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