Joe Jonas is dating ANOTHER celebrity: Sophie Turner



Over the weekend, Joe Jonas was caught with his arm wrapped around Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner‘s neck and having a smooch while watching a Kings of Leon concert in the Netherlands. The matching seems bizarre and from nowhere but the main problem I had was the reporting of it.

Joe has dated SO many celebrities in the past from Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene, Camille Belle, among others, and most recently Gigi Hadid, yet this has barely been observed. I’m going, ‘Another celebrity. Geeez? How does he do it?’ Whereas all the reporting of it has been so casual like this is the first time he’s ever been pictured on a date.

Compare that to his ex Taylor Swift. She has dated probably the same amount of famous people from Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and Tom Hiddleston but there is an outcry when her next famous beau is unveiled. She’s currently rumoured to be dating Drake and everyone is up in arms. She’s called a serial dater, promiscuous by Professor Green (an opinion no-one needed) whereas nobody seems to be saying anything derogatory about Joe when he does the SAME THING!! Doesn’t his date with Sophie make him equally promiscuous and serial dater material?!

Obviously you know what I’m going to call out – sexism. He can date however many celebs as he wants and everyone is chill, but Taylor can’t. You all know this is true. We need to stop treating the dating habits of men and women differently! Yes, I was outraged at Taylor’s relationship with Hiddleston but I’m equally shocked by this coupling!! Who know they even knew each other? Where did they meet? How long has it been going on? I want the details! Joe is pretty open so I’m sure we’ll find out everything soon.

I have nothing against Joe or Sophie – they actually look pretty cute together – I just can’t stand a male serial dater not being called out for it when females are.

What do you make of this new couple?

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