Goodbye Great British Bake Off 


The Great British Bake Off is over, and not just for this series but for good on the BBC. I must admit I felt a little emotional during the final last night and I never have before so I blame my emotions on realising that was the last ever episode of Bake Off as we know it. It’s the end of an era!

As I wrote in my previous GBBO post, I was absolutely pissed off about the move to Channel 4 and the lack of respect the producers had for the BBC, which discovered the show and made it what it is. It wasn’t surprising that Mary Berry and presenters Mel and Sue refused to move channels – meaning the show will never be the same. Channel 4 won’t have the ratings success of BBC and they paid millions for just a format, a tent and Paul Hollywood! Joke is on them.

I’ve already vowed to not watch it again out of principle and I’m not remotely thinking of going back on that but that’s why I became so sad watching the final showstopper challenge and Candice being announced as winner (I wanted Andrew to win but she was better on the day). Yes, it’s only a baking show but I’ve watched it for years and I’m never going to see it again! I hate it when things come to an end. The emotion definitely wasn’t related to that series in particular because it was so obvious who was going to win and I wasn’t as invested in the contestants this time around.

There is hope though – Mary Berry has said she’s game for a show with Mel and Sue so watch this space (fingers crossed!) I’d definitely watch that.


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