The Walking Dead was brutal in the best possible way


The season seven premiere of The Walking Dead aired on Sunday night so I got up in the morning UK time to watch it so it wouldn’t be spoiled and I’m so glad I did. The episode is shocking, gross and amazing in a way that would not have stayed secret for long (no way I would have got through Twitter or work) and I don’t blame these people cos I need to talk about it too! Hence my episode review…


So we knew going into the episode that we would find out who Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed with his barbed wire-covered baseball bat Lucille. Websites had been taking polls and Glenn (Steve Yeun) seemed like a firm favourite cos he dies at the hands of Negan in the comics but I refused to believe it cos I love that character and because he was one of the originals. My guess has always been Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and I was unbelievably right (I’m never right!) Even though his death was brutal to watch with disgusting shots of his splattered skull and brains, I still wasn’t shocked. I was like, ‘oh this isn’t so bad, it’s what I thought’.

Then we were hit with the surprise. Nobody said anything about two people being killed off! Daryl (Norman Reedus) punches Negan in the face and as a consequence, he killed Glenn without much build-up. I couldn’t believe it. I genuinely recoiled in horror when Negan took his bat to Glenn’s head. What’s worse than seeing him beat his skull into a pulp was that lasting shot on his face while he was still alive, blood pouring and his eye popping out. He muttered something but I didn’t catch it as I so traumatised at the time.


I must praise the team for not shying away from the violence. I really thought they were going to wimp out and not show us anything. When the episode opened with just Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Negan talking and then taking a trip in the RV, I was so disappointed cos I wanted it to open where it left off so we’d find out straight away. However doing it as Rick’s flashback was actually more effective cos it made us wait. When we get to THAT scene, I thought they weren’t gonna get too graphic and maybe not show their brutal deaths but they did, which was nasty to watch, yes, but it’s in keeping with the show. Remember how Noah died?! That was disgusting!!!

Those deaths weren’t the only scary moments of the episode – Rick being ordered to cut off his son Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) arm was so intense and gripping – I don’t even like Carl that much but Rick’s dilemma was so difficult and hard to watch. Negan also took Daryl away with his team as leverage – I wish they had taken someone else – and he pushed Rick out of the RV when it was surrounded by walkers. SO MUCH HAPPENS!

This episode was fantastic even if it was upsetting, brutal and kept making me think ‘oh my God ‘.  I have thought about it all day. The cast brought it 100%, everyone looked genuinely traumatised, tired, defeated and heartbroken. Morgan is great as Negan cos he’s scary in a friendly way! He talks to you like a buddy and then bashes your head in! He’s weakened the team significantly but I cannot wait for them to fight back and take him down – but I know it’s gonna be ages before we get to that.

Were you a fan of the episode? Who did you want Negan’s victim to be? 

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