Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander joke about at The Light Between Oceans press conference



Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander and Derek Cianfrance

Hot showbiz couple Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander returned to London last week with director Derek Cianfrance for another promo stop for their upcoming romance drama The Light Between Oceans.

During their tour they had a premiere, junkets and a press conference and I went along to the latter. It was the most intimate press conference I’ve ever been to – the room was tiny and so many of the chairs were empty. I thought this might make the chat really awkward but it wasn’t at all. It was probably one of the most productive ones ever because they all spoke well and at length, articulated properly and had banter between themselves and the press, which is hard to achieve with a giant cast panel, like with Captain America: Civil War (which I still loved btw, it’s just different).

Alicia was gorgeous, radiant and much thinner than thought (which is nuts cos I thought she was skinny already) and Michael had this charm and wit and a rugged handsomeness about him. He was probably the least serious and would occasionally switch off and forget what the question was or get distracted by the size of a voice recorder (see pic below).


Michael Fassbender couldn’t believe how small this recorder was.

They talked about what attracted them to the material, the remote location of the shoot and how that helped with their performance, working with kids, crying constantly as it’s so emotional and shedding characters once they are done. Interestingly, they didn’t reference their relationship and nobody explicitly asked about it but because they’ve been so private about it in previous interviews etc it was obvious they wouldn’t give you anything anyway. It was clear the trio got on very well though and it’s hardly surprisingly considering they were forced to live together on this remote peninsula in New Zealand!

The film comes out in the U.K. on 1 November and I’ll be sharing my review real soon. Click on the pics below to enlarge.


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