Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick brave the rain for The Accountant European premiere


Tonight the stars of The Accountant, including Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick and Cynthia Abbai-Robinson, hit the soggy red carpet in London’s Leicester Square and you can see all my pics below.

Affleck turned up on time while it was absolutely pouring it down so I figured he would have plenty of time to do press and fans, yet he went inside the cinema about half hour earlier than he needed to, cutting out most press and doing about 3/4 of fans even though it had stopped raining by that point.

Kendrick was completely different – she was bubbly, enthusiastic and I even saw her doing a slight bit of dancing on the red carpet – even doing some dancing as she approached fans. She was also her usual jokey self during her onstage interview too. What a sweetheart! She didn’t do a ton of press but she did way more than Affleck.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge.


  1. […] be honest, I didn’t feel that thrilled about this premiere because I saw Affleck recently at The Accountant premiere and he didn’t do much press and strolled in pretty quickly so I feared the same. It was also […]


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