Lea Seydoux and Marion Cotillard rock maternity style at It’s Only the End of the World premiere

Grant, Seydoux, Dolan & Cotillard

Grant, Seydoux, Dolan & Cotillard

My two premiere day ended with the French drama It’s Only the End of the World, the latest film by Canadian director Xavier Dolan. I’m a big fan of his work and his actresses Lea Seydoux and Marion Cotillard so I was very excited for this one!

Seydoux was the first to arrive on the London Film Festival red carpet in Leicester Square and she was way more pregnant than I expected her to be. She did some signing for fans and some press before heading in, like her fellow pregnant co-star Cotillard. Dolan did the most interviews and just seemed so sweet. He was much shorter than I was expecting! They all seemed like great friends while posing together, with producer Nancy Grant, on the red carpet.

I managed to get a ticket into the screening as well and they all introduced the movie and promised to return later for a Q&A. After the movie ended, after 11pm to be fair, only Dolan returned and apologised that his leading ladies left to get some rest. He stayed for a really long time and was so chatty! He was adorable, so bashful when someone yelled they loved him and he kept trying to clear a cough too.

Click on the pics below to enlarge.

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