Amy Adams, Colin Firth and Aaron-Taylor Johnson hit the Nocturnal Animals red carpet


Friday was a two premiere day for me – first up was Nocturnal Animals, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Unfortunately, Gyllenhaal didn’t come to the London Film Festival but his absence was replaced by the epic Colin Firth – who isn’t even in the movie but is good friends with director Tom Ford, who previously worked with him on A Single Man.

The premiere wasn’t good for press but it was great for pictures due to the layout – we were placed near where the cars arrive so I managed to get pictures way better than I usually get! All the stars were very good to the fans in this arrival section but the men certainly did more – Firth posed for so many selfies and signed for fans, which he didn’t really have to do since he is just a guest. This made me love him even more. Also, most guests arrived from a separate entrance – but he came from the main star gate, as well as Valentino and David Furnish.

Adams didn’t do much at all beyond fans – she went inside pretty early on after only doing two/three press interviews. The rest were the same except my favourite Nocturnal Animals star of the night – Taylor-Johnson. He was very thorough with the fans and he made sure to speak to every member of the press. It’s rare for that to happen.

While I was hanging around for the second premiere to start, I saw Asa Butterfield, David Walliams and Sam Claflin and wife Laura Haddock leave the screening, plus Ford and Taylor-Johnson who stayed to watch the film with guests.

The film is fantastic (review coming later today) and you can see all my pictures below. Enjoy!


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