Sam Claflin and Gemma Arterton at Their Finest London Film Festival premiere


Who knew Sam Claflin had such a huge fan base?! I knew he had some obviously – he’s in The Hunger Games! – but everyone at the barrier at the London Film Festival premiere of Their Finest on Thursday night was for him and no lie, two girls cried after meeting him. It was nuts!

Those fans have picked the right person who adore though because Claflin is very good to them – he hugs and chats to them, signs and takes selfies. He’s very attentive and chipper. I’ve seen him a few times from the fan side of things but I thought he might be different now he’s a big star but no, he approaches red carpets the same way he always has. Lovely bloke. He even joked to press that he had to make sure his fly was done up before heading to the photocall inside.

His co-star Gemma Arterton was a bit of a letdown cos she did some signing and some press (not even half way) and went inside despite there being half an hour left. I heard later on that she wasn’t feeling well so fair enough. Bill Nighy, who I once met outside his play Skylight, was a total gem as always – he was jolly, he was thorough with the fans and did some press. Richard E. Grant strolled in quite late, did barely any press and I can’t say I saw him do much signing (if any).

Click on the pics below to enlarge.

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