Mascots: LFF Film Review


The latest Christopher Guest comedy comes to Netflix this week but you can catch it earlier at the London Film Festival. Either way,  I would definitely give it a watch because it is such a fun, easy watch that should have you laughing your heads off.

Sticking to his usual mockumentary style, Guest brings us a story about those who dress up in furry outfits to perform at sports games. They are very serious about their craft and are gearing up to compete in the Mascot championships in Anaheim, California.

This features an ensemble cast including Chris O’Dowd as The Fist, a Canadian ice hockey mascot,  Guest regular Parker Posey as Cindi, an armadillo, Zach Woods and Sarah Baker as an unhappily married couple who play a turtle and an octopus, and Tom Bennett from London as Sid the hedgehog. Regulars Jane Lynch, Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge, Bob Balaban and Guest himself also appear.

It’s just so damn funny and entertaining. It’s such an easy watch and a perfect film for a Netflix exclusive. All dialogue is improvised, as usual with Guest’s films, and this adds to the sense of realism and believing the actors really are those characters. They take the competition so seriously and it’s hard not to laugh at them. The actual competition itself is a joy to behold. Highly recommend.

Seen as part of the BFI London Film Festival. Available on Netflix from 13th October 

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