War on Everyone: Film Review


War on Everyone is a buddy cop film like no other. It is gloriously dark, unapologetically un-PC and very, very funny, which is kinda what we’ve come to expect from director John Michael McDonagh.

It stars Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena as Terry and Bob, two corrupt police officers in New Mexico who basically used their badges to steal money, drugs etc and take bribes from criminals. Their antics soon put them in the crosshairs of rich British crime lord James Mangan (Theo James) and his associate Birdwell (Caleb Landry Jones).

The dialogue is the thing here. Sure, many other elements are hilarious in War on Everyone but I just loved the script so much. It was witty, brutally dark and at times a bit shocking. Skarsgard and Pena have brilliant chemistry, bouncing off each other in a way that’s so wonderful to watch and seem like they are having so much fun f**king everything up. Bob is the nicer of the two; a family man, with two sons and a wife, while Terry is an alcoholic with a real anarchic streak and a penchant for the ladies, especially new love Jackie (Tessa Thompson).

There are some highly entertaining set pieces too; including a chase between Terry and Birdwell and the final showdown between them and Mangan. The ending is just brilliant – extremely violent but still pretty damn funny. You can’t help but enjoy every minute (even it is pretty wrong) and I had a smile on my face throughout. I didn’t exactly follow the twists and turns of the plot cos it was hard keeping track of everyone’s names, but that didn’t feel too important!

James plays his villain character in a typical British way and feels quite over-exaggerated. I’m surprised he didn’t have a cat! I was personally fascinating by Jones, who I wasn’t familiar with but he has such an intriguing voice and sense of style in this that I couldn’t help but watch him when he was onscreen.

War on Everyone is so much fun and very entertaining, but definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you fancy a comedy with edge, give this a whirl.

In cinemas Friday 7th October

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