The Lion King remake: Why I’m so worried


Today Walt Disney Studios confirmed they are bringing us a “new reimagining” of their 1993 animated classic The Lion King. This is hardly a surprise as they’ve been doing it for a while with Maleficent, Cinderella and most recently The Jungle Book, an impressive CGI spectacular which I loved and it was a massive success critically and commercially. But The Lion King means far more to me than those titles, so I’m very worried about it being good.

The Lion King came out when I was four and, to me, its like nostalgia in DVD form – I know all the songs, most of the lines, have seen it more times than any other Disney offering and have cried EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  A month ago it was on TV and I caught the end and simply hearing the music brought me to tears within five minutes. Anyone who criticises it risks my wrath and I generally don’t watch it around other people cos they don’t appreciate it like I do. I even have a Simba pyjama top.

I like it the way it is, but that doesn’t mean I’m against the reboot. I just have much more concern about it being good. If it’s not and it ruins the film for me, if they change the plot too radically, or if they butcher the songs, I will be genuinely upset, but if it’s great, I’ll probs cry some more from relief.

I do feel slightly reassured by Jon Favreau being at the helm. He did such a good job with The Jungle Book – another project I was skeptical about before being totally blown away – and I have faith he can do it again. I’m guessing it’s not going to be remotely live-action since the characters are all animals so it’s going to be totally CGI, but knowing how incredible the technology was on Book, I feel OK about that.

Favreau, I beg you – please don’t make it shit.


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