Anthony Hopkins at the Transformers: The Last Knight filming


As you will all know from my previous post and my social media promo, I saw Anthony Hopkins down at the filming for Transformers: The Last Knight on Saturday in London. I shared pictures of him and mentioned him in passing, but I’d like to go into more detail now because he was very cool and deserves his own post.

When I went down to The Mall to catch the filming and discovered it was a car chase scene, I had a feeling I wouldn’t see anybody big because it was mostly stunt work so I was very surprised when Hopkins, a legend of cinema, strolled up one of the side roads, where the cars not in use were kept, dressed in a wonderful three-piece suit and gave everybody a wave. I didn’t even know he was in the movie so he caught me very unaware – I certainly did a double take!

Obviously this is his job and he’s being paid to work and he definitely didn’t have to address the crowd or come over to see us – but he did. He seemed very nice and would have done many more if he hadn’t been hauled off to shoot stuff. He regularly waved to the crowd when they yelled his name during a break and he didn’t seem at all annoyed to have his work interrupted.

He filmed scenes in three different cars – one silver and two versions of the same red and black one (one normal, one fitted with a camera rig) – so it’s hard to know what will be used, if anything. He never drove, he was always the passenger. The stunt driver wore a balaclava and I wasn’t sure if he was playing a kidnapper or if he will be transformed into someone else in post production. Hopkins also hung about on set waiting for changes and went through the script with director Michael Bay.

Anyway, I was only going to pop down for a short time but I ended up watching for three hours – it was absolutely fascinating seeing how it all works. They continued filming yesterday on a lower section of The Mall, closer to Buckingham Palace, but I was being lazy so I didn’t go.

Here are the pics of Hopkins from the shoot:

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