See behind-the-scenes of the Transformers: The Last Knight car chase in London

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins

Today I learned that Michael Bay had shut down The Mall, a very famous (and expensive to close!) road in central London – on a Saturday no less – for the fifth instalment of Transformers, The Last Knight. So of course I went down to check it out. This was the first time I have ever watched on-location filming and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was – I saw multiple car chases, explosions, Anthony Hopkins and Bay himself – and you can see it all below!

I was there for three hours moving around to see different things. I couldn’t tell if they were filming different scenes in the same location or just running different variations – some takes involved different cars, others involved police vehicles, some used explosions. Most of the time, every formation sped down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace and then back the other way towards Trafalgar Square. It was so entertaining watching the stunt drivers do their work, zooming by in the luxury cars, while others are driving at normal speed in regular cars or taxis so it looks like normal traffic.

It was also interesting seeing how this was filmed and there were many different cameras on the set. Some chases were followed by a black car fit with a camera crane – this could be used behind or in front of the cars and this requires a lot of precision. The other options were a go-kart style camera car and replicas of the luxury vehicles with a camera rig attached. As someone who loves film, this was fascinating.

You also learn how long it takes to film something that may not even get used in the final cut. One member of the crew said they had been there since 3am, and one extra had been on set since 5.30am and he could be needed til 9pm! WOW! The extras were used to walk along the street during the chase and, in a separate location, to look up at the sky and act like they were seeing something scary (see pic below). Every set-up took 15-30 minutes, but once that was done, it could be run about 3-4 times. There is also a lot of crew and they seemed to eat the crappiest food!



The best thing was that the crew acknowledged the public were there – they gave out temporary tattoos to the children, let some lucky kids stand next to Bumblebee and Hopkins regularly waved at the cheering crowd and came over to do selfies during downtime. He also took part in some of the car chases as a passenger and I wondered if the driver next to him – who wore a balaclava – was playing a kidnapper, or if he will be replaced by CG. I was hoping to see other stars like Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci and/or Tyrese Gibson but perhaps they just weren’t required.

I took A TON of pics – you can see them all here:



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  2. […] See behind-the-scenes of the Transformers: The Last Knight car chase in London […]


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