The Great British Bake Off is OVER


I have never written about The Great British Bake Off on this blog before but I have been quietly watching the programme for the last few years, before it became the cultural phenomenon it is today. It was bad enough that the show was leaving the BBC for Channel 4 but now the show we know and love is over, all because of greed!

It’s crazy to think that a little baking show has done so well but it is honestly the biggest show on UK TV so obviously the producers at Love Productions thought they could try and get more money, but the BBC naturally couldn’t afford it so it is moving to Channel 4 from 2017 onwards. That news alone was bad enough and I was actually pissed off. Yes, I know it’s only a show, as people liked to remind me, but I was wound up because I felt so sorry for the BBC, who helped make the show what it is to be completely done over.

So when Mel and Sue said they wouldn’t be “going with the dough” last week I felt a sense of pride and FU to Channel 4, that they couldn’t be swayed by the lure of money and remained loyal to the BBC, even though losing the Bake Off was probably a huge deal and not something they really wanted to do.

Today was the big decider though – the show could have still been salvaged if they kept the judges but Mary Berry announced she’s “very sad” to not take part but she’s declined out of respect to the BBC, which I love. Good morals and brilliant statement: “farewell to soggy bottoms”. Paul Hollywood has done the opposite, without even talking to Mary (!!!) it seems, and has gone with the money to Channel 4.

Paul is a fine judge and he makes me laugh, but he is my least favourite out of the four and not loved enough to make it work on his own. The Channel 4 show could have worked with Mary, or at least Mel and Sue (together), but with just Paul, all Channel 4 have are Paul and the format. So it’s over. The show was more about the people and they’ve lost them! I have no intention of watching a version without Mary! Love Productions have well and truly fucked themselves over – I hope they have learned their lesson (mwahaha!)

If the BBC do their own with the remaining three, I’ll be in full support.


  1. […] I wrote in my previous GBBO post, I was absolutely pissed off about the move to Channel 4 and the lack of respect the producers had […]


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