Sam Neill & Liam Neeson at the Hunt for the Wilderpeople premiere


Last tonight I met Sam Neill, Julian Dennison, Liam Neeson and Charles Dance at the Hunt for the Wilderpeople ‘special screening’ which is pretty much a premiere without a big, red carpet and usually held inside. Click inside for more…

This meant I was part of a media line which consisted of about 10 people (the smallest I have ever been a part of) inside the Picturehouse Central which meant I would actually get to speak to the big stars for once! Sam and Julian, co-stars of the movie, did their interviews together and were funny – you can tell they got on well on the shoot. I was scared Sam would be cold and standoffish but he was actually nice, which was such a relief because I love Jurassic Park and am such a big fan. He made sure newcomer Julian was involved in the interviews and mostly prompted him to say things rather than hog the limelight himself. Julian, who is only 13, is very bloody funny.

I had wanted director Taika Waititi to be there cos I think he’s a genius but he’s now venturing into Hollywood with Thor: Ragnarok. Sam’s friend Liam Neeson turned up and posed for pictures with him and other celeb arrivals included Charles Dance (scary!), and The Inbetweeners couple Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. Pictures coming soon.


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