Hell or High Water: Film Review


Chris Pine ditches his usual fresh-faced and handsome look and heroic/likable parts to play a criminal in need of a shave, who is dirty, bloody and damn-right sweaty in Hell or High Water. It’s nice to see him prove he can do something different, including the Southern accent, although he is still outshone by Ben Foster who plays his slightly unhinged brother.

Pine is Toby, who wants to save his family’s ranch following the death of his mother, who was riddled with loans and debts, so he goes on a bank robbery spree with his ex-con brother Tanner (Foster). They begin with small town banks with no customers before they get greedy and way out of their depth. On their case is Texas Ranger Marcus (Jeff Bridges) and his partner Alberto (Gil Birmingham).

This has been described as a heist/crime film and while those are true, it feels like a modern-day western, even though we see no deserts or horses. It was just so thoroughly entertaining and perfectly balances seriousness with hilarity. You could be laughing your head off one moment then be stunned with shock the next. I don’t know what was coming next at all and that’s what made it so riveting – it was unpredictable.

The banter between Bridges and Birmingham was wonderful, Foster’s skewed view on right and wrong is both hilarious and a bit scary, there are some gripping chase moments and the third act is bloody amazing. SO GOOD. It escalates to a level you don’t expect and is fricking’ insane in the best way. Highly recommend.

In cinemas Friday 9th September 


  1. […] with Michael Koryta and Charles Leavitt, has set the bar high with his previous writing credits on Hell or High Water and Sicario and this doesn’t quite match the standard of those but his direction is solid, […]


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