Equity: Film Review


This has been billed as the first female-driven Wall Street film and it’s certainly refreshing to see women in high powered positions in the dog-eat-dog world, being ambitious and cut-throat like men and though I don’t think this is going to get a huge audience due to the gender flip and the seemingly-boring subject of finance, it’s actually damn good.

Naomi Bishop (Anna Gunn) is an investment banker looking for her next company to turn public following a previous failure, and sets her sight on security firm-cum-social network Cachet. However her lover Michael (James Purefoy) works in hedge funds, which poses a certain conflict of interest. Then there’s Naomi’s VP Erin (Sarah Megan Thomas), who is desperate for a promotion and not afraid to get it, while Sam (Alysia Reiner) works as the attorney’s office investigating securities.

This sounds very, very dry and I’m not one for dull financial dramas but, this being a female-driven movie, I connected with it on a more emotional level. Women don’t brush failure off as easily as men, are judged for being ambitious and being hungry to make money, they take things to heart and worry about what others think. I could relate to the characters emotionally and I’ve never been able to do that with a financial drama before.

It starts off pretty slow but as the drama starts to unfold and the corrupt, scandalous types reveal themselves, it becomes incredibly engrossing and you don’t need a lot of knowledge of finance to get this. It was so cool to see a movie where the women do exactly what the men do. They aren’t particularly nice, another refreshing angle, and all the men were secondary characters. Win! Gunn and Reiner both gave strong performances but Thomas, who helped co-write the story (not screenplay) with Reiner and Amy Fox, shone for me. I got her story more than the rest – she has been plugging away at work and wants to be rewarded.

This isn’t going to have universal appeal and certainly doesn’t scream a fun cinema trip but I want to encourage women to see this to support female-driven movies so they can continue to get made. Don’t let the financial setting put you off, it’s easy enough to understand, and you will soon forget about that and invest in the leading ladies.

In cinemas Friday 2nd September 

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