Pretty Little Liars summer finale: It’s getting ridiculous now!


I have been saying the storylines in Pretty Little Liars have been getting ridiculous for a while now and this was perfectly exemplified in the summer finale last night, which was full of absolute craziness that I would have probably loved three seasons back but now I’m just fed up and ready for the soap opera melodrama to be over. *SPOILERS AHEAD* 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the show and I still love the characters but the whole A game has gone on too long and it’s been dragged out to the point of ridiculousness. When they announced this week that the next ten episodes were definitely the last ten, I was so relieved because we finally know when the end game will be, it won’t be dragged out any longer and we will finally get the answers we have been craving for a long, long time.

Here are the ridiculous things I noted in the finale episode:

  1. Spencer asking Toby if she can kiss him. NO YOU CANNOT. He is engaged! I’m sure Spoby shippers loved it but it felt too gratuitous, like the writers added it in to please fans rather than it organically occurring. It felt so forced and awkward and I legit cringed when Spencer asked the question and the kiss was a tad uncomfortable.
  2. The way Hanna and Caleb got back together. It was hot, for sure, but I wish it was written better so it had more impact rather than him lamely saying they should be together forever while listing how she’s a pain in the ass.
  3. Nicole Gordon miraculously coming back from the dead just when Ezra was about to come back to Rosewood. Are you kidding me?! I really don’t get the relevance of this storyline and I am really annoyed by it. I thought it was done and dusted when Ezra FaceTimed Aria saying he would be back and then I was just pissed off when Aria found out Nicole had been found on a news broadcast.
  4. Hanna making up a story to disguise where she has been for days and the police buying it. At least the girls and Caleb didn’t.
  5. Is it really possible for someone to be decapitated from falling backwards onto a medieval axe?! I just didn’t buy Noel Kahn’s death at all for that reason. He must have fallen SO HARD from standing for that to work.
  6. There is no way Jenna Marshall doesn’t know who A is. She must have some clue, she’s too heavily involved.
  7. The girls leaving the flash drive on the table and going up the stairs. That was such an obviously stupid move.
  8. Toby being involved in a car accident as he was leaving Rosewood for good to move elsewhere with Yvonne – leave him alone guys! Can’t anyone get away scott free?
  9. Alison being pregnant – I truly believe she is lying to manipulate Emily.
  10. Alison and Emily hooking up. Their supposed feelings for each other are shown so infrequently that I’m unsure if this is legit or if Alison is again playing her.
  11. Mona only being given screen time when the others desperately need help – I want her as a full-time Liar.
  12. How did Jenna get around that house so easily though she’s blind?!
  13. How did none of the eight people in that place see AD lurking around?
  14. And the biggie – Spencer being Mary Drake’s child! How fucked up is the Hastings/DiLaurentis family tree?! Could Peter really not keep it in his pants with both Mary and her sister Jessica?! Geeez.

So once again we are left with more questions than answers like what’s going to happen to Spencer (she’ll be fine), what about Toby (he’ll be alright), Ezra and Aria (they’ll get through it) and what the hell Jenna and Noel have to do with this. Obviously it would be great to know who AD is as well because I’m drawing a blank. Normally it sucks just to have a large mid-season break but now we’re gonna have to wait until April 2017 for the final ten episodes!! No fair.

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