V Festival Day 1 Review: Justin Bieber & Sia

V fest 014

On Saturday I went to V Festival in Essex for the first time to see acts such as Justin Bieber, Sia, Jess Glynne and Bastille. The experience was epic but some of the performances weren’t 100% awesome…

First of all, V is massive and requires some serious walking. I had no idea the site was so spread out but there’s a lot to see and do to keep you occupied. I didn’t stop all day. Also the weather was all over the place and one minute it was hot and sunny and then cold and blowing a gale. But luckily the rain wasn’t hard and didn’t make the ground muddy.

Anyway onto the music – I first saw Zara Larsson, who was sweet, did some great dancing, had good chat and sang well. I also caught Bastille, who were very good and the crowd went nuts for Pompeii, and Jess Glynne, who was my favourite of the day. On a pure entertainment level, she was the most fun – she talked, danced, looked fantastic, connected with the crowd and seemed happy to be there.

I wanted to see JoJo cos I loved her as a teenager but she wasn’t on at the scheduled time and I had to see Sia. I also missed Time Tempah for her which is gutting cos he would have been fantastic. I love his songs but Sia is the bigger star and I was there as press so…


There’s no denying Sia can sing, but you don’t know if she’s actually doing it live cos she’s at the back of the stage, covered by a wig and barely lit. Her set was very performance art-y and the focus is on the dancers, who bust their impressive moves in synch with pre recorded video, leaving the audience to wonder if it was actually Paul Dano or Kristen Wiig on stage (doubtful).

The set-up would perhaps work better in a concert setting but as a festival it just didn’t work because people are there to dance and have fun and most of them couldn’t see the actual onstage action. She sung a lot of ballads and so many album hits and I could feel the energy lagging – Cheap Thrills, Titanium & Chandelier went down well though.

Bieber also failed to impress even though I love his recent songs. He didn’t seem like he was happy to be there, he looked really fucking moody tbh and admitted he was hungover!! He did sing well in moments and showed off his dance skills but he didn’t connect with the audience at all and his attempts at chat was rather odd and hard to hear.

As a fan I’m glad I saw it but I’m also happy I haven’t paid for a concert ticket. A lot of Purpose tracks sound the same and he played a lot of them (obvs) but everyone seemed to be waiting for the dance bangers. I overhead a lot of people say he was boring and others complain about his over reliance on backing track. This is true – there were times he didn’t sing at all and just wandered about the stage with the track playing, and that makes you question the rest of his ‘singing’.

Anyway back again today for Little Mix, Rihanna, David Guetta and Years & Years. Very excited.

All my pics are here:


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