Wiener-Dog: Film Review


Wiener-Dog looked like an adorable, off-beat film that I would love – for one, it stars a dog and secondly, it features the likes of Greta Gerwig, Danny DeVito and Zosia Mamet – but I’m sad to report that it simply wasn’t my cup of tea.

This comedy-drama is comprised of four different stories – the first is about a family, starring Tracy Letts and Julie Delpy, whose sick son is given the wiener dog, second, about a veterinary nurse (Gerwig) who steals the dog from the clinic and takes him on a road trip with old school friend (Kieran Culkin). The third segment stars DeVito as a screenwriting professor who is struggling to get his script made, and the fourth is about an old lady (Ellen Burstyn) who is visited by her granddaughter (Mamet), who is after money.

If these sound a bit boring, you’d be right. I found the majority of them very dull and you just catch glimpses of these characters so you can’t relate or invest in their story (except perhaps the young sick boy in one). They are quirky and move too slowly and didn’t have any impact on me at all. I’ve seen some reviewers give it high praise but I simply didn’t find it funny – it’s supposed to be darkly comic but I didn’t even feel that – and it seemed incredibly pointless.

It surprises me that such a decent cast would commit to such a project. DeVito stood out to me because there was more focus on him than the dog and the segment ends in a very weird place, and I enjoyed the exchange between Burstyn and Mamet, but besides those the sections weren’t very memorable at all.

In selected cinemas Friday 12th August 

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