Nerve: Film Review


Nerve definitely has a very exciting, original and contemporary concept that I genuinely believe could happen in real life. It’s just a shame that the movie didn’t fully capitalise on that core idea and has many great moments but is lacking a certain something.

Emma Roberts is Vee, someone who is considered boring and risk-averse, so she signs up for Nerve, an online dare game. Users are sent dares and paid money on their completion, the dares get scarier and the money gets higher as the night goes on, but if you drop out or fail you lose all your money. To win at the end of a day, the top two go head-to-head for one last dare.

Obviously, the dares start off innocently enough – Vee has to snog Ian (Dave Franco) and then the watchers (who set the dares) keep pairing them up. The challenges are fun but you can’t wait for it to get darker, which it sure does. The dares get scarier and more life-threatening and Vee realises it’s not the fun game she thought it was, but she’s in too deep. I got so involved during some of these dares I couldn’t watch! I was hiding low down in my chair, with my face buried in my hands. It’s crazy but very exciting.



I felt a bit let down by the ending because I wanted something with more grit and edge. This film has such potential to get really dark and like a horror/thriller. I kinda wanted that version instead of this sanitised youngster edition. It’s still good, but it had the ingredients to be much juicier.

This is based on a young adult novel by Jeanne Ryan and you can definitely tell. It has that vibe about it and Nerve will definitely appeal to a younger crowd with the themes of trying to fit in, to prove you’re exciting and not boring etc. It also made me feel quite sad about how it portrays the new generation as always attached to their phones and living their lives through this virtual space – the watchers in Nerve are on it all day – it’s an extreme version of the way we live now and could totally happen. Nerve isn’t that far of a stretch.

The leads were fine but didn’t really do anything to impress. I preferred the supporting cast, which includes Juliette Lewis and up-and-coming stars Kimiko Glenn and Samira Wiley (from Orange is the New Black), Emily Meade (The Leftovers) and Miles Heizer from Parenthood.

Nerve isn’t perfect but there are some great moments in it which made me laugh, smile or cower in fear! It captures the modern phone-reliant society well and makes me worries for our future. This is both fun and tense and I expect it will be loved by the teen crowd.

In cinemas Thursday 20th August 

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