Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates: Film Review


I have to admit, I thought Mike and Dave Needing Wedding Dates would be absolutely awful and while it tries a bit too hard, it’s actually pretty damn funny, features my favourites Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick, and I must applaud it for it’s refreshing portrayal of women.

Brothers Mike and Dave Stangle (Adam Devine and Efron) always create chaos at family gatherings so their sister Jeanie (Sugar Lyn Beard) forces them to bring dates to her wedding in Hawaii to keep them under control. However, the boys don’t know anybody suitable so they put an ad on Craiglist which goes viral and they end up on The Wendy Williams Show, which is seen by Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) and Alice (Kendrick), two hard-partying, wild girls who pretend to be nice when they meet the boys. The foursome head to Hawaii when OBVIOUSLY all hell breaks loose.

There are SO many jokes in this and while I have to applaud the effort, the film would have been better served by less jokes that are high quality than a shit ton where only 60% work. It’s a joke a minute and they sort of throw everything at the wall and hope something lands. A lot of the humour stems from shouting, dick/ass/vagina/sex jokes and absolutely crazy goings on. How funny you find it will really depend if you’re into silly, lowbrow humour as opposed to smart jokes and luckily I was in the mood for silliness so I enjoyed this a lot.


These guys are all brilliant at comedy, they clearly improvised loads and had great chemistry. Efron is getting better and better at comedy every time I see him and less vain too – sure, he still takes his top off here, but we also see him crying so hard he has drool and snot. That was a new sight to see. Devine is hilarious and pretty fearless but plays the same guy in everything and although I usually love Kendrick and Efron most, Plaza was the standout for me – she has the most exciting things to do and captures your attention – and I barely knew her work going into this.  I also really liked Beard, who is this cute and clean-cut bride-to-be who is corrupted by the girls – her character change throughout is hilarious.

It would have been very easy to make the girls just secondary characters with no depth or story arc except to serve the boys so it’s great to see that hasn’t happened here. Okay, they don’t have a ton of depth, but nor does anybody else. They are in control and the boys end up being completely thrown by who they turn out to be – daring and much wilder than the guys think they are – and all four are equal. There are still some sexist things in there, so it’s not completely revolutionary, but it’s made a decent effort.

This is best enjoyed if you turn your brains off and just let the fun take over. It is hilarious and makes for an enjoyable cinema trip if you lower your comedy standards a little bit. Also wait for the awkward but genius musical number towards the end – what else do you expect from a cast including Pitch Perfect and High School Musical stars?!

In cinemas Wednesday 10th August 

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