Suicide Squad: Film Review


I wasn’t keen on Suicide Squad when it was announced because it sounded awful but I was won over by the trailers and I eventually became excited for it. That was until the reviews came out and, although I tried to ignore them, it was impossible not to take note of the negativity and lower your expectations. But I just want to assure the fans that the film is not the travesty it has been made out to be – it is messy and extremely flawed, yes, but I enjoyed most of it.

Government official Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) wants to put together a task force made up of supervillains such as Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) and Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) but her bosses aren’t so keen. However, they give the green light to the project when an evil force takes over Midway City.

The plot sounds very basic but it’s actually hard to follow. It’s confusing and I stopped trying to figure out why things were happening or what the mission even was. It was just messy and the pacing didn’t help because the explanations were rushed while there were slow, contemplative moments when there should have been action. It didn’t make sense.

As this is a spoiler-free zone, I won’t reveal who the villain is, but I can say it’s disappointing. You don’t understand their back story, motivation or anything. It wasn’t explained with clarity and it wasn’t particularly threatening so the stakes weren’t high enough, making the final showdown a bit lacklustre.


While the plot was all over the place, the characters fared quite well, particularly The Joker and Harley Quinn (who need their own movie!) Jared Leto was incredible and it’s a shame we didn’t see him more. He was creepy, a convincing psycho and his sense of style was on point – snazzy jackets and big gold chains. I didn’t think I would be able to stop comparing him to Heath Ledger but once you get into it, you eventually stop thinking about it and let him do his own thing. Robbie was my personal favourite though – has the most fun, gets the most laughs, is charismatic and always captures your eye onscreen.

Will Smith was also great comic relief but played himself and Davis’ character is interesting but confusing. Is she good or bad? She needed much more development, as did Delevingne’s. The model-turned-actress  was a big disappointment and I simply don’t rate her acting ability. There are many other characters (the cast is huge) but they don’t get an awful lot to do, except lead soldier Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and Diablo (Jay Hernandez) who gets some clunky sentimental exposition in a random place. Also, keep your eyes peeled for some sweet cameos.

But I’m not here to completely slate it because I liked many things about it – the soundtrack, graphics and costumes also stood out – and I enjoyed myself a lot in the first half when we are introduced to the characters and their back stories. It takes a while to get into the main action of the film because there are many characters we haven’t met before to introduce but I liked those parts, the most frustrating section was actually the second half.

I really wanted it to be better but sadly it wasn’t. However, there are some stellar scenes and moments of genius so it’s a shame they are lost in the mess. There are many redeeming qualities about Suicide Squad and it is a big improvement on Batman V Superman so ignore the reviews (the press hate was unfair) and give it a chance and you might be surprised.

In cinemas Friday 5th August 


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