Justice League cast make surprise appearance at Suicide Squad premiere

suicide crop

I haven’t been to a London premiere this exciting and spectacular in ages and it couldn’t have come at a better time – Suicide Squad really needed a big event like this to lift fans’ spirits following the critical mauling the film has received and the cast made sure it was a lot of fun – and things got even crazier when the Justice League showed up announced! AMAZING!

I felt pretty positive for this premiere anyway because it has a big cast who were mostly all there (except Viola Davis) and there was some people I was so excited about seeing in real life such as Will Smith, Jared Leto and Cara Delevingne. I had recently seen Margot Robbie at the Legend of Tarzan premiere but was happy to see her again and there were a ton of others too like Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Karen Fukuhara, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and director David Ayer.

So imagine how much I freaked out when we got EVEN MORE DC Comics dudes show up – first director Zack Snyder, then Ezra Miller…. I started to wonder if Ben Affleck could happen and it did!! WOOHOO. He posed for pics, did a small amount of signing and then walked in, just like… HENRY CAVILL and JASON MOMOA. Crazy shit! I love a good surprise appearance so to get five was incredible. Pretty handy they’re filming Justice League in London right?!

ezra crop

Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa hugging

Ezra came off the best at the premiere. He was the first actor to arrive (unannounced) and there was no expectation for him to do anything but he literally stayed on the pink carpet for their entire event meeting fans. He took his sweet time along the fan line and covered everybody I’m sure. He pulled weird faces for pictures, he chatted loads, and seemed to be enjoying himself. I have never seen somebody do that before, especially when it’s not for their movie. I loved him before but I really love him now.

The rest is a bit chaotic and messy. The press line was overcrowded and I couldn’t see for a large portion of the event so I can’t accurately comment on the others but I know they all did some press and some fans and didn’t seem at all down-hearted by the reviews. In fact, they seemed just as excited being involved in such a spectacular event – and it was! Although they were all good, I must credit Will Smith for hyping up the crowd. He does it so well and knows how to keep them energised. He was on the carpet focusing on fans (he did no press) for the entire event, and Jared Leto seemed pretty fan-focused too.

I came away from this premiere feeling so happy and excited. Sure, the movie may not be great but the cast are brilliant, they know how to have fun and they seem like actual friends – I even spotted Cara, Jared and Margot having a little dance together and Cara getting a piggy back down the steps from Jai.

I took soooo many pics – here they all are (click thumbnails to enlarge):


  1. […] had previously praised Ezra for how amazing he was with fans at the Suicide Squad premiere and he was no exception here (although not as good). He was THE most enthusiastic and happy person […]


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