Jason Bourne: Film Review


I loved the original Bourne trilogy but I never really felt like it needed more instalments so I wasn’t particularly excited for Jason Bourne because it seemed like a cash grab as the stories had pretty much wrapped up with 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum. And while it doesn’t really add anything new to the franchise, Jason Bourne is still a worthy film that reaches the same standard as the originals.

This ignores the existence of Jeremy Renner-starring The Bourne Legacy, and takes off several years after the events of Ultimatum. Bourne (Matt Damon) is in hiding in Greece avoiding the CIA’s detection until his old acquaintance Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) comes to him with powerful information about his enrolment in the Treadstone program. Bourne knows more about himself, but still has serious gaps in his memory, so the files send him on another mission for answers. However, the CIA know Nicky has stolen classified information on their black ops programs, and send an assassin (Vincent Cassel) to kill both her and Bourne, so a cat and mouse chase ensues.

The plot is very similar to the other movies and everything is the same including the action, camera work and tone, which may please others who are satisfied with more of the same, or seem unimpressive to those who wanted it to push the boundaries and do something more.


The Bourne films are known for their action and this is no different. You get plenty of the signature super-speedy hand-to-hand combat, gripping chases leading up to the showstopping finale on the Las Vegas strip. The action is non-stop and helps build the tension, but characterisation is sacrificed for this. Nobody is fleshed out, particularly Alicia Vikander‘s CIA cyber expert Heather Lee and tech billionaire Aaron Kalloor, played by Riz Ahmed. Even Bourne isn’t given much to do except kick ass and look strong and brooding, but we know that’s his deal by now, so that’s not so bad.

Damon hasn’t played Bourne since 2007 but you wouldn’t think it. He looks physically amazing and like he could believably be a deadly weapon. He carries the movie without much speech and it’s great to see him back in the role. I wanted to see more of Ahmed and Stiles, and Tommy Lee Jones was darkly funny as CIA director Robert Dewey but Vikander didn’t feel like the right fit. She’s a great actress and I love her work, but her role felt like it should have gone to a much older woman with an air of authority.

I was pleasantly surprised by Jason Bourne. It was exactly what you would expect from the franchise, no more or no less, and it felt great to be immersed in that world again. Sure, the script and plot are nothing to write home about, but this all about the action and Bourne’s pursuit of the truth and those things are executed extremely well.

In cinemas Wednesday 27th July 


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