Taylor Swift vs. Kim and Kanye: I can’t pick sides


Taylor Swift in happier times when Kanye sent her flowers

If you had hypothetically pitched this feud to me months ago, I would have hands down been Team Taylor Swift. I loved her and thought she seemed like a nice/relatable person who just gets bashed a lot by other people. But in recent weeks, her halo has started to slip, cracks in her polished PR strategy have begun to show and she’s starting to come across as very calculating. So it makes it harder to defend her with the latest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West feud.

The war between Taylor and Kanye has been going on for aaaaages and it stepped up this year with the release of his song Famous, in which he name drops Taylor, revealing he thinks they might have sex and saying “I made that bitch famous”. Taylor’s team denies she approved the lyrics, but Kanye insisted she did. In case you’ve living in a hole, this handy timeline will fill you in on previous events.

Kim stepped in to defend her husband during an interview with GQ magazine in June and revealed that she had video footage of a phone call which proves Kanye DID ask Taylor for approval and Taylor’s lawyers had sent them a legal warning to stop the release of it. Well guess what?! She released it via Snapchat last night and the Internet exploded.

On the one hand, I do feel sorry for Taylor because she has been going through the shit of late – what with everybody thinking her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston is an act (still believe this) and her ex Calvin Harris‘ epic takedown last week (read here). This isn’t the first time she has been in a Twitter feud (Nicki Minaj and VMAs anyone?) but this feels different. Like she has really been exposed as a not-so-nice, manipulative person who has cleverly mastered her way to the top thanks to her PR team.

taytom crop

I started thinking this when she began ‘dating’ Tom, which still feels fake to me, but I definitely began to see it when Calvin blasted her on Twitter for making HIM seem like a bad person for keeping her co-writing credit on This is What You Came For secret when it was HER idea. After major beef, she usually pulls it back and returns to the top, but she’s going to have to work harder to get back into our good graces this time as her image has been seriously knocked – which is annoying because I want to like her!

At the end of the day, she brought this on herself. She pretended she didn’t know about the song and then slyly made a dig at Kanye for undermining her success during her Grammys speech, when all along she was in on it. This has been dragged out for months and if she had just come clean and said she knew about it and it was cool, which she told Kanye she was going to do in the first place, then we wouldn’t have this mess.

But on the other side, Kim has been SO PETTY. I get it, she wants to defend Kanye because he’s been framed as the bully and Taylor as the victim, and she wanted to expose the truth. I’m glad she did. But again, she has waited for months to release this and conveniently does it when Taylor is already down and when she mentions it on an episode of KUWTK. Very calculating. Also, potential legal implications here since they recorded Taylor’s call without her knowledge (although she knew about it after cos of the legal letter).

So both sides are as bad as each other so I’m not going to pick. I get why Kim released it and why she held it for so long to make it more explosive. I still can’t help feeling sorry for Taylor because she’s played the victim so many times I automatically feel the need to defend her, but this feeling is gradually starting to fade. This is a mess of her own making so no sympathy from me this time. It’s going to take her a while to bounce back from this, while Kim and Kanye are known for doing shocking shit like this, so they’ll be fine (unless they get sued).


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