Ghostbusters takes over Waterloo station


I recommend all movie fans to head to London Waterloo station this week to check out the cool promo for the new Ghostbusters!

This isn’t the first time Waterloo has been taken over to promote a movie – Jurassic World got the same treatment too. And while the Ghostbusters take over isn’t quite as epic – it doesn’t have a broken raptor crate after all – but the masterpiece, the Stay Puft Marshallow Man, is still pretty sweet and is a very good photo opportunity. A guy dressed as a Ghostbuster is on hand for pics too. The haters of the all-female reboot can still appreciate it too because it is more connected with the originals.

As you’ll see in my gallery below (click images to enlarge) they also have goo on the CCTV poles, a shop selling Ghostbusters merch which is made to look like a New York subway station entrance, green floor vinyls, huge billboards and it has taken over the massive video screen in the station. Very cool. Check it out and remember to use the hashtag #GhostbustersWaterloo!

Check out my review for the movie here.


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