Maggie’s Plan: Film Review


I love Greta Gerwig so naturally Maggie’s Plan was attractive to me, and she doesn’t disappoint. This is a perfect example of Greta Gerwig fodder – funny, verbose and understated. An adorable movie.

She stars as Maggie, who really wants a baby on her own so she arranges to have former school classmate Guy (Travis Fimmel) donate his sperm for her purposes. However, her plan goes off course when she falls in love with university colleague John (Ethan Hawke), who just happens to be unhappily married to powerful academic Georgette (Julianne Moore).

Maggie’s Plan is exactly what you would expect from a Gerwig-starrer, but with added casting clout. She is wonderful as always, funny in a subtle, natural way and has the most interesting delivery. I love watching her onscreen. She has brilliant chemistry with Hawke and her arc is darkly hilarious. The story didn’t unfold in the way I expected AT ALL. It took a different turn and took longer than I expected to reach its conclusion, but it was very satisfying when it did.

I loved the script. The story, dialogue and characters were so great; I genuinely have no issue with them. Although Gerwig was fantastic as ever, she was no match for Moore, who speaks with this fabulously exotic accent. I can’t tell if she did it well or not, because I’m not sure what it was supposed to be. It was hard to take her seriously though and I think that was the point. She made me laugh A LOT. I also loved Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph as Maggie’s married best friends.

Maggie’s Plan is sweet, funny and definitely worth a watch if you are a fan of any of the above, but it doesn’t excel. It is simply fine and quite forgettable. More of an afternoon-on-the-sofa watch than cinema trip material.

In cinemas now 

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