Central Intelligence: Film Review


I haven’t seen a great deal of Kevin Hart’s movies, like Ride Along or Get Hard, because I thought his style of humour didn’t really float my boat, but I was so wrong. I gave Central Intelligence a go and it is really bloody funny – thanks to quality comedy work from both Hart and Dwayne Johnson.

The former wrestler and nicest guy ever (see here) stars as CIA agent Bob Stone, who meets up with an estranged high school buddy Calvin (Hart) ahead of their school’s reunion to get his accountancy help – but it turns out Bob might not be the good guy and Calvin is now inadvertently linked to him, so he is forced to team up with Bob and find out who the real baddie is.

This is loud, action-packed and very entertaining. I’m not sure if the plot made total sense because there were a lot of twists and turns (most you could see coming miles off) so I let go of that and just enjoyed the ride. Don’t analyse it too hard! The chemistry between Johnson and Hart was insane and they clearly riffed off each other a lot. You hardly ever see Johnson be funny and uncool but his fanny pack-wearing character is so lame, until he busts out his kickass CIA agent credentials. Hart applies his same old “oh hell no” type shtick, but it works and he’s great at it. He’s so damn funny.

Although the plot might not make much sense, the dialogue is top notch and I laughed a lot (not at everything though). There are also two brilliant top secret cameos, which I won’t spoil. Aaron Paul (already announced) is a fantastic addition too and delivers a sweet nod to Breaking Bad.

Central Intelligence is exactly what you would expect from a Hart & Johnson combo. It is hilarious and with entertaining action. Awesome!

In cinemas Friday 1st July 


  1. I love Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, and I was really surprised and how darn FUNNY Johnson was in this movie. I didn’t love the movie overall, but both of the leads are so likeable and they make a great onscreen duo. Enjoyed reading your review! — Louisa


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