Dave Franco helps with hypnotism stunt at Now You See Me 2 screening


Tonight we not only enjoyed a screening of Now You See Me 2, oh no – we were treated to a magic show with Keith Barry, consultant on the movie, and he got Dave Franco in on the trick.

Basically, during the half-hour show Keith did a variety of susceptibility to hypnotism tests on the audience and one of the people stood up at the end was selected to come up on stage. Keith performed a variety of hypnotism tricks on her and for one act he said once she was under he would magically transform into Dave Franco. Obviously, Dave switched in for Keith – but it was hilarious because Dave was properly channelling his character Jack and acting like a magician. He ‘woke her up’ by snapping his fingers, asked her to tear a piece of paper, but she couldn’t do it, and then she couldn’t use a pair of scissors (due to the spell haha). He then ‘put her to sleep’ (I think he actually did) before switching back to Keith, who woke her up. I don’t think Dave actually hypnotised her, but he made suggestions during her state.

It seemed genuine. The girl didn’t seem at all surprised to see Dave onstage when he made his guest appearance and she didn’t seem to clock there was a switch when Keith woke her up (after Dave had left the cinema). We were also told to keep it a secret.

Dave came back into the auditorium once the show had ended to introduce the movie and joked he was happy to be in the cinema “for the first time tonight” (nudge nudge wink wink). He said he loves the magic/crime adventure so much he hopes there can be a Now You See Me 37. It is a great movie and the review is coming soon.

Here’s the video:

Here are more pics from London’s Picturehouse Central –

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