Kanye West’s Famous video is pure genius


Kanye West‘s music video for Famous dropped on Friday and it has caused quite a scandal. It basically features celebrities (or their lookalikes) all naked in bed, in a recreation of the Vincent Desiderio painting Sleep. It is shocking, a bit creepy, has a sex-tape vibe but it is ultimately very powerful and illustrates his entire point about fame.

The song has been in the headlines before because of the lyrics, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that bitch famous”. Kanye and Kim Kardashian said she approved it – Team Taylor Swift says absolutely not. Anyway, since it was announced the Famous video would be unveiled at a freaking premiere I KNEW there would be some sort of ‘appearance’ from Taylor.

And there she is – topless, right next to a naked Kanye. Obviously it’s not her. Taylor would not do this. But it’s really not clear who is real and who isn’t and if it was done with a waxwork or lookalike or computer trickery. Kanye has refused to reveal the behind-the-scenes secrets – step one in his genius plan. Keep us all guessing. Are they there or not? Did they know in advance or not? Judging by this tweet however, I would say not.

But the most genius thing of all was the celebs he picked to illustrate his comment on fame. Taylor Swift makes sense. She is one of the most famous people in showbiz, definitely in music, so her inclusion is a no-brainer and not at all a surprise. She has been tied to Kanye since the 2009 MTV Video Awards stage invasion after all.


The most interesting additions for me were Ray J, as you know, he has a sex tape with Kanye’s now-wife and he is positioned in the bed NEXT to Kim. HELLO!? That is a serious statement. Kanye’s ex Amber Rose is in there, next to Ray J. Then there are plenty of very topical celebrities – his selection is perfect and captures the zeitgeist. You have Bill Cosby, who is in the headlines over many sexual assault allegations, Donald Trump, who needs no explanation and Caitlyn Jenner. Chris Brown was supposedly included because he is most famous for assaulting Rihanna in 2009 – and she sleeping next to him in the bed. The inclusion of Anna Wintour and George Bush are just hilarious and very, very bold. It displays such a wide variety of reasons for being famous and makes a great statement. The only other person I would have liked would have been Wiz Khalifa – that would have been interesting.

Other genius factors – 1) he turns something creepy into something pretty artsy. 2) He held a premiere for a flipping music video to build the hype. 3) He knows how to get them headlines – which, again, proves the point he’s making about fame. 4) He has been pretty shocking for some time, so you don’t think he can surprise any more, but boom, there he goes again. Bravo!

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