Pretty Little Liars season 7 premiere: My thoughts

Pretty Little Liars is back and hopefully (fingers crossed) this is the last season. That hasn’t been confirmed but the girls have all basically hinted it is and I’m happy about this. I used to love the show but it’s gone on too long and I am ready for this whole A saga to be wrapped up. And we still have 19 more episodes to go (sigh).

I’m usually so keen to watch the Pretty Little Liars premiere but this time I just watched because I didn’t want it to be spoiled. I’m not excited any more, it’s getting ridiculous, I just want the resolution and I’m going to continue watching only because I feel the end is in sight. It could be that I’m looking at it with a more cynical eye or just because it’s actually getting worse, but had many negative thoughts throughout this episode.

Here are my observations and questions about the episode (good and bad):

1. Who was being buried? Did these guys murder somebody? This is such a mean teaser! I want the answers now.

2. Has Lucy Hale done her hair different? She looks amazing.

3. Is it just me or was the acting and writing in that scene outside the station/inside the church super cheese? Tyler Blackburn, I’m looking at you. Such OTT shock and worried faces. “Hanna!”

4. Was it necessary for Hanna to be held captive in her a small vest top and panties? What happened to her clothes?

5. Did Mary Drake sleep with Mr. Hastings? Who DIDN’T he sleep with?!

6. Why did they write down who they thought the killer was and put it in a bowl like they were at a murder mystery evening? WTF. This is serious shit people.

7. Everyone just trusts Mona now? I love her and I’m glad she’s back, but still.

8. Are Caleb and Spencer still together? Because it damn sure doesn’t seem like it. He is all about Hanna again. While I want them back together, I do feel sorry for Spencer, but…

9. Is this the beginning of a reunion between Toby and Spencer?

10. Aria really isn’t giving THAT much thought about her boyfriend Liam. So many Ezria feels though.

11. Why is Mary buying the Lost Woods Resort? Why was she in London, where Melissa and Wren happen to be? Coincidence much? How did nobody in Rosewood say anything about her existence ever? So many Mary things don’t add up.

12. I loved that dream scene with Hanna and Spencer. My favourite moment in the whole episode.

13. How has nobody realised Elliot is a total psycho yet? What is her giving Alison?

14. Wowsers – that Emison scene was brilliant. Wonder what it means going forward.

15. Why is Emily touching that red jacket? She must know by now that’s a really stupid idea. Contaminating evidence much.

16. Why did Caleb just ditch the jacket and walk away?! Anybody could have stolen it.

17. There must be somebody else working with Elliot and Mary – who could it be?

18. Did Alison kill Charlotte?


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