Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston: Can I get a WTF?!


Let’s be honest, I wasn’t gonna be writing about ANYTHING else today. I have been talking Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston non-stop today and I went to bed super late last night after discovering the news because I had to talk to someone/anyone. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Making out/taking selfies/cuddling/make stone piles on a beach in Rhode Island. Just weeks after her split from Calvin Harris. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

My general reaction has been of utter disbelief. How? Why? But, HOOWWW?? But, WHYYY?! I kept saying ‘I don’t believe it’ over and over and still don’t – although there is picture evidence. It doesn’t make sense to me. My brain does not compute. I have spoken/tweeted so many people about this today and my response has always been ‘my mind is reeling, I don’t know what to think’. But I’ve had some time, and I now have an opinion (sort of).

I’m disappointed in them both – especially Tom, because Taylor is used to her dating life being tabloid fodder and he isn’t. Tom is usually pretty private, he doesn’t talk about his love life in interviews, advertise it on social media and he has never been confirmed to be dating any one (although there was that Elizabeth Olsen rumour). I’m surprised he would want to be with probably the most high profile female singer on the planet (after Beyonce), who faces such scrutiny of her love life, instead of staying low key and keeping the focus on the movies. Well bad luck Tom, cos nobody wants to talk to you about your films now (but thankfully for you, they might drop the boooooring Bond rumours).

If he was simply dating her, I’d say ‘fair enough’. She’s hot, talented and powerful, it’s a no-brainer. It’s the circumstances though. She has JUST stopped dating Calvin Harris. Two weeks ago! Yes, it was only announced then, but regardless of when the break-up actually happened, this is still FAST. Like, super fast. I felt like just yesterday Taylor and Calvin were sharing those barf-inducing loved-up pics from their one-year anniversary vacation! I do feel sorry for Calvin. There must have been some crossover, without a doubt. They may not have cheated but something was happening, for sure. There was me feeling sorry for her in the split. NOT ANY MORE.

Riding an inflatable swan was ultimate #goals

Riding an inflatable swan was ultimate #goals

So, in general, the timing is just really bad. It makes Taylor seem heartless that she moved on from Calvin so fast, but it’s Tom. I. GET. IT. He’s a hottie. She’s working her way through the hottest celeb guys. How does she do it?! That’s supposed to my job (as if!) And Tom, I’m just baffled by completely. Yes, they met at the Met Ball and danced together – but what did he do between then and the split?! Huh, huh, huh? I demand to see a distinct timeline.

I also have another niggle. Do those pictures not look remotely set up to you?! It’s too clear, too perfect, too loved-up. It doesn’t seem natural. Like they knew someone was there and played up to it. I’m really not surprised some people are saying it’s fake. I think the romance is real, but those pictures are dodgy as fuck. Who tipped off the paps?!

I was royally disappointed when she started dating Harry Styles (back when he had sweeeet hair) and now she’s taken my Tom!! The disbelief is still in full force. My mind is STILL whirling. I should not be THIS affected by a celeb couple but so what. An explanation would be greatly appreciated – Tay & Tom over to you. We’re all ears.


  1. He was so cute with Lizzie Olsen. This is disappointing.


    • Hannah Wales says:

      So disappointing. I thought he was wanted to be seen as a serious actor so I didn’t expect him to be in such a high profile couple! With Taylor, who has the most talked about love life!

      Liked by 1 person


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