Helen Mirren’s going to be in Fast 8 and I’m so excited

Helen Mirren has confirmed that she is going to be in the eighth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise and when I heard this news I couldn’t help but squeal a little inside. This is awesome news!

“Of course, having said that I’m about to do Fast and Furious 8,” she told Elle. “But that’s for the fun of it. So maybe that’s what I want as well, some fun and some relevant, serious, important movies.”

This just shows you the power of publicly campaigning for a role. Helen has made no secret that she would love to be in the franchise and clearly the powers that be heard her and created a part – and rightly so! Who wouldn’t want to have A DAME in their movie?! We’ve already seen that she can kick ass in the RED movies, but I cannot wait to see what she gets up to here.

“I’ve always rather loved driving. I said, ‘I’ll be in it, but only if I’m allowed to drive if I do drive in it.’ But we’ll see,” she added.

I love Helen! I have watched all the Fast and Furious movies so this one is going to be no different – but now she’s in it, plus Charlize Theron as a villain, so I’m all over it.

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