The Boss: Film Review


I usually find Melissa McCarthy hilarious so I was keen to see The Boss, but sadly, it’s just not that funny. Sure, it has some brilliant moments, but a comedy should successfully land way more jokes than this manages to achieve.

McCarthy plays Michelle Darnell, a loaded, cutthroat businesswoman, who is busted for insider training thanks to a tip-off from former lover and now-rival Renault (Peter Dinklage) and sent to prison. Upon her release, she has lost everything so she has to start from the bottom again with the help of her old assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) and Claire’s daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson).

The Boss, co-written by McCarthy, husband Ben Falcone (also director) and Stephen Mallory, is simply not funny enough. I wanted to be laughing so hard my tummy hurt, and while I did laugh out loud often, it was not with genuine gusto or enthusiasm. I certainly didn’t laugh at everything. The humour was pretty dumb, immature and repetitive. I am all for a stupid joke, but it can get old. The team seemed to resort to name-calling, and being mean and cruel for most of the laughs and not always to success. Scenes were filled with Michelle’s incessant talking and it felt a bit like the writers were throwing everything at the wall and hoping something stuck.

I have loved McCarthy in recent movies like Spy (so damn good!) and The Heat but I just don’t like this character or am a particular fan about the storyline. I liked Bell, I just wish she provided more of the laughs rather than being the neutral person. I loved a scene where Michelle and Claire are talking bras and another with a cookie-selling street fight. But ultimately, I just left the movie feeling ambivalent and that it was simply ‘okay’. It needed to be way funnier.

In cinemas Friday 10th June 

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