The Nice Guys: Film Review


The problem with The Nice Guys was that I didn’t get to catch a preview screening, like usual, so I was swept up by reviews and friends saying how funny it is. That meant when it came to me watching it, my expectations were sky high and it fell a tad short. It is still hilarious, and I’m so glad original scripts like this are still getting made, but I had stupidly let the hype ruin my experience.

Russell Crowe is Jackson Healy, a rough enforcer who is paid to beat up people and send a message, while Ryan Gosling is Holland March, an alcoholic private detective. Their paths cross when they try to track down a young woman named Amelia (Margaret Qualley), who has some connection to the death of porn star Misty Mountains.

A buddy comedy never really works without chemistry and the chemistry between the two leads is just brilliant and a joy to watch. Gosling really needs to do more comedy. He is so funny. He makes this movie what it is – if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it half as much. It was nice to see him not relying on his looks – they aren’t referenced at all in this, he is a bit stupid, lazy and down on his luck. He isn’t very manly – he runs from the bad guys and squeals like a girl. And he’s a single father to Holly (Angourie Rice). She’s my second favourite, a very cool girl.


The script, co-written by director Shane Black, is also very witty and I laughed out loud a lot. Most of the gags are physical or all about the interplay with the two guys and it was very entertaining. I also loved the shady Los Angeles setting, and the 70s clothes and props. Although this is a comedy, the action side is still pretty violent and bloody, which is fine by me.

However, the story itself was overly complicated and I didn’t really follow it. There are a lot of players – including Kim Basinger and Matt Bomer – and all the important stuff is said really quickly so it’s hard to catch it. I personally couldn’t explain the plot to you, and by the end, the whole mission felt kinda pointless. I had stopped caring.

So the main plot isn’t all that clever and the whole film should have been 10-15 minutes shorter, but it’s all about the performances. The Nice Guys would be nothing without Crowe and Gosling and I hope we get to see them together again.

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