I’m happy with The X Factor 2016 line-up

x factor

A lot of people are hating on the new judging line-up of The X Factor because there is nobody new, supposedly proving that it can no longer pull in the big names. But why would you go for A-list, fresh faces and unknown quantities when you have a killer line-up of existing judges?!

These guys know how the show works, know the intensity of the live show schedule, how to mentor the acts and how to generally behave on TV. We have seen them do it before. Big, new stars may sound fancy and draw in new viewers but they could turn out to be awful. And are you really telling me this line-up is worse than the year with Nick Grimshaw on it?!! PLEASE.

Here is why I’m good with every one on the show, starting with my favourites.

Dermot O’Leary (okay, not a judge but still top): I think last year with Olly and Caroline proved just how good Dermot is at his job. He’s funny, he’s hot, he rocks a tux, and he does some brilliant dancing at the start of the live shows. What more could you ask for?! I was genuinely sad when it was announced he was leaving so I’m happy he’s back. I’ve always wanted one of my friends to audition so I can hang backstage with Dermot and maybe give him a hug.

Nicole Scherzinger: She is more famous and well-loved in the U.K. than the U.S. because of her role as judge. She dances if she likes something, she is actually talented herself, and says things like ‘Schmazing’ and ‘No, baby, no’. She also gave us the wonder that is Rylan Clark.

Sharon Osbourne: She is feisty, mean and outspoken and I love and hate her in equal measure. She will create drama – there will be friction with Louis and banter with Simon. She makes for very good TV. I cannot wait to hear her say ‘Fabulous’ again.

Simon Cowell: He’s getting a bit old now, as in, his schtick is getting a bit tired. I like his style of true-telling and I genuinely agree with him most of the time, but I do sometimes wonder how much he is manipulating the outcome of the show. Still, the panel didn’t feel right without him – he’s essentially part of the furniture.

Louis Walsh: Now this guy pisses me off. He uses the same tired lines again and again and he barely mentors his acts. I was relieved when he was let go BUT it wasn’t the same without him last year. He is hilarious. He is, like Simon, part of the furniture.

What do you make of the panel? Will you be watching?

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