Will celebs stop commenting on the Amber Heard & Johnny Depp scandal please?

This is not about taking sides. Nobody knows what goes on behind the closed doors of a relationship, NO ONE. So why do Johnny Depp‘s friends and family think it’s a good idea to publicly defend him in the midst of these domestic abuse allegations?! It’s just wrong and they need to shut up.

I wasn’t surprised when it was revealed last week that Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny after only 15 months of marriage. I never anticipated it to last for long and literally the day before the divorce filing I said to my work colleagues ‘what does she see in him? He’s not even attractive even more’ because he was so incoherent and weird during his press tour for Alice Through the Looking Glass (see coverage of premiere here and press conference here).

But no-one could have expected the way it has blown up and the shit storm that they are now in the middle of. Amber filed for a restraining order claiming domestic abuse – he apparently threw an iPhone at her during a heated row and she went to court with a bruised face. She issued a statement, he issued one back basically calling her liar. This is nasty in itself but it gets way worse.


His former partner Vanessa Paradis and their daughter Lily-Rose Depp wrote messages supporting Johnny, which is kinda fair enough. He’s family, they’re close, so you understand their need to defend him. But STILL, they don’t know the ins and outs of his relationship with Amber. They have no idea what happened in that moment. Even if he has told them privately, they should keep it private.

The thing that infuriates me the most is Johnny’s celeb pals supporting him and saying what nice a guy he is from Paul Bettany and Terry Gilliam, to Doug Stanhope, who wrote an entire freaking column claiming that Amber is blackmailing Johnny with the abuse claims. Doug reckons Johnny told him all this before the alleged incident happened.

Are these guys for real?! This isn’t your place. By standing up for Johnny, you are calling Amber a manipulative liar and a blackmailer, which is simply awful. First Johnny was made to look like the bad guy, now Amber is being vilified. These people are just making matters worse by fuelling the fire of the story and forcing reps/lawyers to issue more statements. I think this should be played out in the courts and then people can judge on the actual facts.

As for my own opinion on the scandal, I’m not taking sides. I was shocked by the domestic abuse allegations and haven’t made a villain of Johnny cos he’s innocent until proven guilty as far as I’m concerned. Amber is too. She may be lying, she may be telling the truth. Who knows? I don’t know them so I couldn’t possible say. Time will soon tell.

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