Me Before You: Film Review


I have been looking forward to Me Before You for ages because I am a big fan of the Jojo Moyes book, and she is in charge of the movie screenplay so I felt assured it would be very loyal and totally heartbreaking. It is, as you would expect, a proper tearjerker so tissues are required!

Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke plays Louisa, who is hired to look after Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a paraplegic. She has a boyfriend and she hates her new job, until she begins falling for Will. Problem is, the former high-powered businessman and adventure seeker doesn’t want his current life, and Louisa is hoping to change his mind.

It’s kinda obvious just from the premise this is going to be sad and even though I had read the book and knew I would get upset, I wasn’t quite prepared for how badly I would weep. It wasn’t just your bog-standard little tears; I proper cried and had a lump in my throat so big that I had trouble breathing through my mouth! For those not into the tearjerker, stay well away. This isn’t for you.


The biggest revelation for me was Clarke. I don’t watch Game of Thrones (shocker, I know) but she was perfect as Louisa and just as I imagined. She was goofy, hilarious, and wears these wacky clothes – not what you would expect from Khaleesi. There were a few times I thought she overacted and was a bit OTT with the facial expressions, but I warmed to her. I imagine some people could find the character annoying because she is so chatty and upbeat but she was so adorable – I loved her!

Claflin was good, and excelled in the heavy, emotionally-charged moments and made me cry the most. As a fan of the book, I just wanted Will to be a bit meaner, nastier and colder at the start, whereas you just get a glimpse of that in the movie. I also didn’t feel how much he hated his life in those earlier scenes. However, this is the meatiest role we’ve ever seen him in and I think this will mark a change in his career.

The supporting cast were great too – especially Jenna Coleman as Louisa’s sister Katrina, Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis as Louisa’s boyfriend Patrick, Steve Peacocke at Will’s carer Nathan, Janet McTeer and Charles Dance as the Traynors and Joanna Lumley, who totally aces her scene as a wedding guest.

Some people may find it a bit sappy and sentimental but what’s wrong with that? It’s not overly schmaltzy because it deals with a very serious subject matter. I feel completely satisfied with the casting, the script and the minor changes from the book. I also love that it is so very British. We need a good romance film every once in a while – especially one like this that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure.

In cinemas Friday 3rd June 


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