The Nashville finale was so frustrating


On Wednesday night, Nashville came to an end. It was cancelled by ABC with just a few episodes left to go. I was surprised but fine with it (see previous post), I was just concerned fans wouldn’t get the closure they deserve due to the cancellation. SPOILERS AHEAD.

So basically, what happened during the finale – everyone’s plotline got wrapped up – Will and Kevin were back on, Luke Wheeler had reconciled with his son and possibly his wife, Layla was found out but it didn’t affect her album sales, Gunnar and Scarlett finally got together, and Maddie decided to come back home to Rayna and Deacon. Okay, the writing hasn’t been that solid in the past few episodes – it has taken a long time to get to these conclusions, but at least they were satisfying. Thank God that Maddie drama is over – she was soooo annoying.

Juliette and Avery have been end game and we were waiting for the reunion to come – yet they didn’t give it to us! Juliette had just done something incredible and confessed to her involvement in Jeff’s death and was flying back to be with them and then her plane goes missing. JUST LIKE THAT. Everything was being neatly tied up and in the last 10 seconds BAM. It feels so wrong and out of place.

My gut instinct was correct. I really didn’t want there to be a cliffhanger because that’s the most annoying way to end a TV show – but then I guess the showrunners didn’t know it was going to be cancelled when they shot it. However, it turns out they shot two different endings, depending on their likelihood of being picked up, so they gave us an infuriating cliffhanger just so they had leverage and a reason for another platform to run the show.

Lionsgate TV chief Kevin Beggs told The Hollywood Reporter, “We’re not looking to write ourselves into a corner and actually wrapping up stories in a somewhat saccharine way is the worst box you can put yourself in.” He also admitted if they didn’t think a pick-up elsewhere was on the cards, they would have used the wrapped up ending of Juliette and Avery reuniting. That’s what we want to see. But then if we were shown that, there would no reason to continue the storylines on another platform.

I don’t want Nashville to be picked up. The quality of plot and character development this season hasn’t been as it once was. This is why I wanted to nice wrapped-up version, because I am done with Nashville and I would have like to have seen a happy ending for Juliette and Avery. Every other plot line has been given closure so I don’t think that one twist is enough to hook viewers for more seasons. Where can they go from here?! Drag out the missing plane drama for many episodes before we inevitably discover Juliette is alive because they won’t ever kill off Hayden Panettiere??

The showrunners should have done us all a favour and left the cliffhanger out rather than baiting us all to stir up a campaign for renewal elsewhere. Cos if they don’t get picked up, the finale is gonna look damn stupid.

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