X-Men: Apocalypse – Film Review


The initial reaction to X-Men: Apocalypse was very mixed so I went in with low expectations and this probably helped because I actually liked it. Sure, it’s not as good as Days of Future Past and it’s pretty bleak, but it is still a decent watch with some great performances so I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re into this kind of thing.

Oscar Isaac plays the Big Bad Apocalypse, who has been awoken from the depths of Cairo. He is all-powerful as he has the ability to gain other mutants’ powers with a ritual. He recruits his Four Horsemen: Archangel (Ben Hardy), Psylocke (Olivia Munn), Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender), who has been hiding in Poland following the events in DOFP, 10 years before.

Obviously, Apocalypse wants Charles Xavier (James McAvoy)’s powers, but his buddies, including Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Beast (Nicholas Hoult) and CIA agent Moira (Rose Byrne) have to stop it from happening with the help of new recruits Quicksilver (Evan Peters),  Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee).

There are a lot of characters and the film fails in giving them much character development, especially the new guys, or really, anyone besides the core of Charles, Magneto, and Mystique. It is purely focussed on the action, and this building sense of dread and apocalypse, so you aren’t totally invested in the people. Let’s face it; you know they’re going to win. There is no real sense of danger or tension, or enough light moments, so the screenplay is not the best.


I didn’t like Isaac as Apocalypse – his performance was incredibly one note and he is capable of so much more. His scenes really slowed down the pace and I would have preferred less coverage. Give more to McAvoy, Hoult, Fassbender and Lawrence, who put in great performances. The scene stealer was Peters, who is charming, cheeky and hilarious, and McAvoy was very funny and captivating too. It was also fantastic seeing Hugh Jackman in a Wolverine cameo appearance.

So yes, it is the weakest of the trilogy but it is not the travesty I was expecting. It is decent, entertaining (not to MCU levels) and features many of my favourites. The new additions were good, but I just wish they were given more depth, and it could have been slightly shorter, but it manages to ramp up the excitement for future instalments.

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  1. I agree to some extent. It wasn’t great, but it just enjoyed it far more than Civil War, for example. Read my review if you want:



    • Hannah Wales says:

      That’s interesting! I definitely enjoyed Civil War more because I like the levity and the jokes. It’s good that X-Men isn’t like that but the sense of foreboding gets old after a while. It also felt pretty slow.



  1. […] the shambles of 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, I was pretty much done with the franchise and not at all excited for Dark Phoenix. Despite this, I […]


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