Green Room: Film Review


I had no idea what this was about but I signed up to see it because the cast – including Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots and Alia Sawkat – appealed to me. Even if you had an idea about the plot you would still not be prepared for the shit that will go down in Green Room – it is brutal, scary and flipping intense.

Yelchin (Pat) and Sawkat (Sam) are members of a metal band the Ain’t Rights along with Tiger (Callum Turner) and Reece (Joe Cole). They are on tour and looking to score a gig to help them get back home to Virginia and land a slot playing at some bar in the backwoods of Oregon, which turns out to be a neo-Nazi skinhead, white supremacist joint (of course). Once they finish their set, Yelchin heads back to the green room where he discovers a girl has been stabbed by the headlining band with Amber (Poots) as a witness. The band aren’t allowed to leave and owner Darcy (Stewart) organises a clean-up operation to kill everybody who knows about it.


I had no idea how insane Green Room was going to be. I expected a little thriller maybe and it certainly starts out that way with negotiations between the band locked in said green room and Darcy and his cronies on the other side. But then it turns into a full scale, batshit crazy, blood-fuelled horror and I had to keep recoiling in my seat at the gruesome violence. It doesn’t help that the blood and wound effects were on the cheap side so they looked even worse.

The intensity just does not let up from there at all. It is just one thing after another and you can’t wait for these guys to catch a break. You want at least one to make it out alive, but Darcy is determined to stop that from happening. Stewart was an inspired casting choice because you just associate him with being a decent guy and here, he is very twisted with a chilling calm manner.


Although it is a low-budget gore fest, the script is actually really smart and I laughed a lot. These aren’t some dumb kids – they make logical escape plans and their panic and shrillness doesn’t go too overboard. I also love it when they truly realise they have to man up or they will die so they grow some balls. Poots was my favourite in the green room team – she has this awful hairdo and you have no idea what side she is actually on, but she goes from being his timid, weeping girl to being a freaking madwoman and I loved it.

The film doesn’t end where you think it would and just keeps surprising you. I could not anticipate anything that happened in this movie and I spent a lot of time saying ‘woaaaah!’ under my breath being blown away by the violence, the intensity and fear of what’s coming next. This is brilliant and I urge you all to check it out.

In cinemas Friday 13th May 

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