Alice Through the Looking Glass Premiere: Pics & gossip

depp crop

Tonight I went down to the London premiere of Alice Through the Looking Glass, and much like the press conference on Sunday, it starred Johnny Depp, Sacha Baron Cohen, Mia Wasikowska, director James Bobin and producer Tim Burton. They were also joined by minor cast members Ed Speleers and Andrew Scott.

The design of the premiere was the best and most elaborate I have ever seen. No expense was spared on the set-up and you can’t help but go ‘wow’ at the transformation of Leicester Square (see pics in slideshow below). The majority of the premiere actually took place inside the gardens, giving it a fairytale, magical vibe rather than the usual street set-up.

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I have never seen Depp at a premiere before and I was surprised by how attentive he is with fans. He signed for everybody I swear to God. He even went back out the gardens to sign for people miles away from the blue carpet and physically had a man pushing him along when he would stop too long at one person. He wouldn’t always sign/take a selfie and move on – he had chats, he joked around and when one girl started crying, he gave her a hug. What a guy! He is always so moody and solemn that I never expect him to be so nice.

He didn’t do much press, but that was hardly a surprise. Baron Cohen (joined by wife Isla Fisher) was the same – but he wasn’t as attentive to fans either. He did sign but not as enthusiastically – ditto for Wasikowska, who just doesn’t seem to care that she is upstaged by the supporting crew. She is supposed to be the star here but her entrance was a damp squib compared to the others, and she’s definitely more of a wallflower. Still, she was nice to both press and the fans – like everybody else.

You can check my coverage of Sunday’s press conference here. My review is coming soon.

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the celebrity pics.


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